Charity Application Process Guide

The Combined Federal Campaign is one of the most successful programs for federal employees to give to local and national charities. On this page of our site, we have everything you need to know about the CFC charity application process including how to apply, the types of organizations, service areas, fees, and more. If you like sports, you can also contribute by betting on NFL and other sport matches at from which a small percentage will go to your charity choice.

Charity Application Process - How To Apply

The CFC allows voluntary health and welfare organizations to apply to solicit charitable contributions from Federal employees and members of the uniformed services at their places of employment or duty. This happens as part of the annual Combined Federal Campaign. All non-profit organizations recognized by the IRS are eligible to apply.

All applications for the CFC are submitted online and all the information on this page of our site is intended to assist charitable organizations. We help you determine how best to apply for participation in the CFC. We have information on preparing your supporting documentation as well. All aspects of this process are strictly governed by Federal regulation.

There are deadline applications for independent organizations and federations seeking eligibility. You can find out more from your local federal coordination committee.

All applicants must be aware that false responses to any certification in the application can be grounds for denial and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment. We are very grateful to the platform for our long years of supporting and promoting our cause. Those who want to participate in any way, just visit them, and you are already helping us.

Charitable Application Process - Types of Organization

There are different applications to use depending on the type of organization you represent. Identifying the correct type of organization is crucial. There are three categories of CFC participating organizations. Each of these has its own CFC application and supporting documentation requirements.

  • Federations: a group of voluntary charitable human health and welfare organizations created to supply common fundraising, administrative, and management services to its constituent members. Use OPM Form 1647-B.
  • Family Support and Youth Activities (FSYAs)/Family Support and Youth Program's (FSYPs): An organization on a domestic (FSYAs) or non-domestic (FSYPs) military installation recognized by the Department of Defense as providing programs for military families on the installation. Use OPM Form 1647-E.
  • Independent Organizations and Members of Federations: All other organizations, both those that are members of one of the federations described above and those that are not. Use OPM form 1647-A.

Charitable Application Process - Service Area

All federations, independent organizations, and members of federations are also broken down into three subcategories.

  • National/International: These are organizations that provide services in 15 different US states and/or one foreign country over the three year period immediately preceding the start of the campaign's application year.
  • International: Charitable organizations that provide services either exclusively or in a substantial preponderance to persons outside of the US. These organizations have to provide evidence of services in at least one foreign country over the three year period immediately preceding the start of the campaign's application year.
  • Local: Organizations that have a substantial local presence and provide services in the local campaign zone to which they are applying. The services must be provided during the calendar year immediately preceding the start of the campaign's application year.

In all cases, de minimis services, benefits, assistance, or other program activities in any state, foreign country, or locality will not be accepted as a basis to qualify as a national or international organization. All FSYAs and FSYPs should apply as local organizations.

Charitable Application Process Fees

There are application fees and listing fees to take into consideration and your local federal coordination committee can help answer any questions that you might have.

All charities applying for participation in the CFC have to pay a non-refundable application fee which is due when the application is submitted.

There is also a listing fee that all charities that are approved for participation must pay a listing fee.

A distribution fee is assessed against pledges received if the application and listing fees don't cover all the costs of the campaign.

For more information on the charity application process please visit your local federal coordination committee.

Other Instructions and Notifications

The charity application process is all done online and applications must be submitted electronically. Late applications will not be acceptable. Organizations that are found to be ineligible have one chance to appeal to the director of the OPM only. All organizations that have been denied will receive an email detailing the reasons why. Appeals will only be looked at if they are received within ten business days of the receipt of this email.

Please be sure to visit your local federal coordination committee website for more information and to find the answers to any questions that you might have about the process or the Combined Federal Campaign program.