Information Guide to Virginia Combined Federal Campaign

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What is the CFC?

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is an annual fundraising initiative that gives federal civilian, postal, and military employees the opportunity to donate to local, national, and international non-profit organizations. It is the only authorized charitable-giving pledge drive available for employees in the federal workplace and it is also the largest and most successful fundraising model in the world today. Our site is dedicated to the Virginia CFC. You can find out more information about the Combined Federal Campaign and how it was started by visiting our CFC information page. Another great way to be charitable is to use our link to the greatest online casino, where half of your deposit goes towards our cause. You will even get bonus codes when you are referred from our site. Do something good today and over at the site, have fun and help the campaign.

Local Federal Coordination Committee

The local federal coordination committee serves as the central source of information regarding the CFC among federal employees in their area. All members of the committee have to have a clear understanding of the campaign regulations and procedures. The local federal coordination committee LFCC consists of a director and a minimum of three members who consist of the following:

  • Members drawn from the local federal inter-agency organizations such as Federal Executive Boards, or personnel assigned to the military installation and/or agency in the particular zone.
  • Representation form local federal agencies located within the zone. These represent a cross-section of agencies in regard to personnel types and locations.
  • Representatives of employee unions and other employee groups.

Members of the LFCC select a chair and vice chair it is up to the committee to ensure that every employee is given the chance to participate in the combined federal campaign. You can find out more information on our Local Federal Coordination Committee page.

Virginia Combined Federal Campaign Charities Information

Detailed information on all the Virginia Combined Federal Campaign Charites can be found in our dedicated charities section. Federal employees can give to any of the participating CFC charities not just the local ones in their CFC zone. The option to support thousands of organizations allows donors to give to great causes including health care, cancer research, disaster relief, housing, youth development, and more in their areas and around the world. The charity application process is held annually for all those that wish to take part.

Virginia CFC Charity Application Process

Charitable organizations that wish to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign have to complete the annual application form. If an organization has provided services in fifteen or more different states or a foreign country within the last three years can apply to be listed in the National/International section of the CFC Charity List also. Other organization can apply to participate in the local selection list. Local organization have to demonstrate that they provided services in the previous calendar year in CFC zone they are applying for. Applications are made online only and all the information you need and the process itself is explained on our Virginia Combined Federal Campaign application page.

Campaign Ideas

Every year, thousands of federal employees come together and work in networks to implement campaigns and inspire their fellow workers to give to the charities that mean the most to them. Throughout the campaign, charities also get the opportunity via charity fairs, speaking opportunities, etc, to meet directly with campaign leaders and federal employees. These activities allow charities to gain visibility across the CFC donor base too.

For a list of campaign ideas and information on creating your campaign network, be sure to visit our campaign ideas page where you will find some great ideas and solutions that have worked well in the past. Another feasible option is to use the funds generated form legal online gambling to contribute to charities and other programs. Players can go right here to find licensed online casinos too and donate a portion of their winnings for the betterment of communities where organizations such as the CFCVP are active.

What Your Gift Can Do

The CFC makes it easy for federal employees to give to the causes they care about. Whether they are passionate about disaster relief, veteran services, animal rights, medical research, or more, there is a charity they can support. There are plenty of benefits to using the CFC too, including:

  • Being able to give to multiple charities at once through a federally regulated, fully audited program.
  • Payroll deductions mean that employees can give a little out of each paycheck and this adds up to a significant gift at the end of the year.
  • Fund raising costs are kept low for charities and the funds are unrestricted. The funds they raise have an impact on the communities they serve.
  • The campaign has a collective impact and allows donors to join with their co-workers to support those in need both locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Federal employees can volunteer for charities of their choice through the CFC too.

You can find out more about how your gifts are put to use by visiting our Virginia CFC gifts section.

Recognising Our Donors

Donors give to Virginia Combined Federal Campaign charities because they believe they are making a difference and helping the cause they believe in. Donors value the work the charities are doing and their gifts are investments in the work they expect the charities to do. Results are the best way to show appreciation for donors. There are lots of ways to recognise donors including personalized gifts, photos of people their donations have helped, posting stories of how they have helped change lives on the charity website, and so on. Facts and statistics are also very helpful and they show donors the progress that has been made.

For a full list of the ways we recognise our donors, please visit our Donor thanks page.

FAQs About The Virginia Combined Federal Campaign

Please visit our FAQs section where you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions and our answers. Some of the questions you'll find here include:

  • What is a federation?
  • What is a local presence?
  • What is a national/international charity?
  • How can a charity participate in the Virginia CFC?
  • When can a charity contact potential donors?
  • When is the application deadline for the 2018 campaign?
  • What are the eligibility requirements for an organization to participate in the CFC?